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Missouri's New Tiger Statue Has Webbed Feet and We Have So Many Questions

AutoZone Liberty Bowl - Missouri v Oklahoma State
AutoZone Liberty Bowl - Missouri v Oklahoma State

The University of Missouri revealed a new tiger statue on Saturday at the school's South end zone, and something's definitely not right.

The tiger appears to have webbed feet, which is an interesting physical feature for a mammal that spends little time near water.

The South end zone — a reported two-year, $98 million project — is expected to bring a new weight room, locker room, and more seating to campus before the 2019 football season.

If there's a way to make people feel like their money is going to waste, constructing a statue of the school mascot with webbed feet is an excellent way to start.

The comments section of the tweet above unveiling the statue illustrates the public's negative reaction to the new addition to Mizzou's campus.

While I'm sure the new South end zone section will be one of the nicest parts of campus, the new statue isn't exactly inviting. Here's hoping that the Tigers on the field can compensate for the new ugly attraction.