Mike Gundy Taking a Pay Cut Doesn't Prove He's Changed for the Better

Oklahoma State head coach Mike Gundy
Oklahoma State head coach Mike Gundy / Brian Bahr/Getty Images

Between wearing an OAN shirt and alienating some of the biggest names on the team, Oklahoma State head coach Mike Gundy's feet are still being held to the fire amid allegations that he didn't create a welcoming environment for his black players.

After a review of his conduct, Gundy was requested to "invest more time in building stronger relationships with his student-athletes," but no evidence of racism was found. Still, Gundy will voluntarily take a $1 million pay cut and keep his job as Cowboys head coach.

The pay cut is a somewhat admirable move from Gundy, but he is a multi-millionaire who will still be a multi-millionaire after the cut. He needs to show that he's committed to becoming a force to change rather than continuing to walk away with his millions and showing he learned absolutely nothing.

Wouldn't contributions to organizations fighting for equality be more proof that he's changed than a pay cut? Wouldn't a team building activity that involves every Cowboy attending a Black Lives Matter rally show that he's committed to learning from his mistakes?

Let's not let Gundy off the hook after a bunch of symbolic victories. We need to see talk turn into action to finally confirm if he has changed for the better.