Mike Chandler Blasts New York and UFC's Doctor in Scathing Tweet After Diaz-Masvidal Fight

The inaugural "BMF" bout between Jorge Masvidal and Nate Diaz at UFC 244 wasn't decided by one fighter being beaten to the point where they could no longer fight, but was instead decided by a doctor declaring Diaz couldn't continue due to a nasty cut above his eye. For two violent fighters, this ending felt extremely anticlimactic.

Mike Chandler, one of Bellator's prized lightweights, claims that he was also a victim of a questionable doctor stoppage, as his loss at Bellator 180 at Madison Square Garden was ruled a TKO thanks to his leg injury.

While Dana White put out a statement in support of the medical staff, just about everyone else was peeved that the fight ended in this manner.

Masvidal wasn't satisfied with being given a win over Diaz in this fashion, and has already tried to get a rematch set up with Diaz so that this fight can be decided in a more traditional manner.

This matchup didn't have as many fireworks as many expected thanks to some questionable medical advice on the part of the ringside doctor, so hopefully the rematch is more bombastic.