Michael Phelps Claiming He's Like Michael Jordan Just Doesn't Feel Right

Michael Phelps wanted to be like Michael Jordan
Michael Phelps wanted to be like Michael Jordan / Ian MacNicol/Getty Images

The parallels between US swimmer Michael Phelps and Chicago Bulls legend Michael Jordan include the fact that they are widely considered the best player in the history of their sport, and...that's about it.

Phelps has more Olympic medals than anyone else in history, including 23 golds, and he claimed that the reason he and his teammates were so good was his desire to emulate Jordan's behavior in the locker room.

"I was an a**hole when I was training because I wanted to help everybody make sure they had the same exact chances I had," said Phelps.

It might be the new, trendy movement to compare your leadership style to Jordan after the release of "The Last Dance," but Jordan's controversial behavior in the locker room is all his own, and Phelps likely came nowhere close to emulating Jordan in that regard.

Based on some of Jordan's actions later in his career, that might actually be a compliment for Phelps.

Even if Phelps was a bit of a dictator during his prime, the unique combination of physical and mental assassin Jordan was almost defies comparison. Even with 28 medals, Phelps isn't anywhere close to Jordan on that front.