Michael Jordan's Agent Delivers Bold Proclamation That Will Drive LeBron Stans Nuts

Michael Jordan and Phil Jackson
Michael Jordan and Phil Jackson / JEFF HAYNES/Getty Images

Fans of LeBron James better get ready, because David Falk isn't holding back anymore. Falk, Jordan's former agent, recently made it clear how he feels about Michael Jordan's GOAT status.

In a discussion with ESPN's Scott Van Pelt, Falk declared Jordan the greatest NBA player of all time. He didn't leave much room for argument, either.

The 10 hours Falk is referring to is ESPN's documentary "The Last Dance," a 10 episode series following Jordan and the Chicago Bulls specifically during their 1997-1998 NBA Championship run.

The series takes an in depth look not just at that season, but at the rise of Jordan and the Bulls as a whole. Jordan's stardom is put on full display in each episode of the docu-series, and Falk thinks it's more than enough to prove MJ's GOAT status.

This comes as another blow to LeBron fans, who have been reeling since ESPN placed Jordan over the current Los Angeles Lakers star in their recent all-time player rankings.

Falk is Jordan's former agent, and fans should realize that his opinion is clearly going to have a pro-MJ tilt. Nonetheless, "The Last Dance" has created an outpouring of support for Jordan's GOAT status, and it'll be hard for LeBron to get a leg up here unless he can secure at least six championships before all is said and done.