Mets Spending Habits Better Change Dramatically With Literal Richest Owner in MLB Steve Cohen

Steven A. Cohen, Steven A. Tanabaum
Mets new owner Steve Cohen giving a speech at the Lincoln Center | Dave Kotinsky/Getty Images

News broke on Wednesday that the Mets will be undergoing a change in ownership in the future, as the Wilpon's plan to sell majority of the team to Steve Cohen.

Cohen, an extremely wealthy business man, is reportedly worth $9.2 billion, which would instantly make him the MLB's richest owner.

When he takes over the team five years from now, he better be willing to shell out money and do whatever it takes to push this team over the top.

Cohen would be a huge step up from current owner Fred Wilpon, who has consistently demonstrated his unwillingness to increase the Mets' payroll.

And for the most part, it seemed that whenever Wilpon was willing to invest a decent amount into a player, it was always the wrong guy. Remember the Jason Bay signing?

Hopefully Cohen will usher in a new era for the Mets, one in which they're more willing to shell out cash on big deals in order to contend.

This ownership transition is the final step into making the Mets a contender, as Cohen should bring the money and brains that this franchise so desperately needs.