Mets Reveal Long-Term Plan for Wilpons to Sell 80% of Team to Steve Cohen

Fred Wilpon
Wilpons are relinquishing some control over Mets in five-year period | Elsa/Getty Images

Surely, this is news Mets fans young and old have been waiting on for decades.

The Wilpons, Fred and Jeff, who own a majority portion of the New York Mets, have long dealt with scandal off the field and improper front office management of the ballclub. The Wilpons' connection to the Bernie Madoff scandal shed a poor light on the franchise and the owners who oh so often failed to put necessary financial backing into a team teetering between contention and a laughing stock. Their connection with the scandal has, in many ways, contributed to their myriad failed attempts to put on a happy face, and has restricted their finances to small-market levels.

Well, here's a breather, Flushing.

On Wednesday, Ken Rosenthal confirmed a report from Tiki Barber (really) that the Wilpons are relinquishing some of their stronghold on the ownership stake of the Mets to Steve Cohen over the next five years.

Ultimately, it boils down simply: the Mets are looking to sell 80% of the team to hedge fund billionaire Steve Cohen, who would control the franchise following a five-year period.

The narrative surrounding Mets ownership has long been their ineptitude and unwillingness to put the necessary product on the field to compete in the National League, and draw fans in a city which always supports a winner. Mets fans are some of the best and most resilient in baseball, but their constant negativity about ownership has been steadily built from routine failures, and avoidable ones at that.

Cohen's inclusion does not necessarily mean more money will pour into the current roster, but it does give Mets fans a glimmer of hope that legitimacy from the top down is just around the corner.

For once, Mets fans have reason to be excited long-term.