Mets Fans Are Furious With Jeff Wilpon After Phillies Hired Joe Girardi Away From Them

Washington Nationals vs New York Mets
Washington Nationals vs New York Mets / Paul Bereswill/Getty Images

Is it a day that ends in "Y"? Then it's a day when Mets fans have woken up furious with their spendthrift ownership.

Jeff Wilpon, fresh off donating $5,400 to a dropped-out presidential candidate and very little else (he owns an esports team?!), appears to once again have dropped the ball, letting a high-dollar managerial fit in Joe Girardi walk directly out the door to the division-rival Phillies.

Who manages the Mets now? Carlos Beltran? Eduardo Perez? A bombshell candidate? Whoever it is likely isn't as equipped to "win now" as Girardi would've been, and with a team reliant on a pitching staff that's forever aging, that's exactly what the Mets should be doing. The fans are doing their part, at least, lashing out at their ponzi-schemed owner yet again for his inaction.

What hurts the most is just how blown away by the Mets talent Girardi seemed to be in the booth this year. He was practically gushing every time he had a Flushing-based telecast. You didn't even need to sell him on the gig!

But, did the Mets even offer? Did they even OFFER?!

They did not offer.

Nah. New York-tested, out the door, heading to Philly. When the contract details break, so will the dam holding back Mets fans' fury.

Why such vitriol? Well...

That pretty much sums it up!

Girardi isn't an "analytics-only" guy, but he knows his modern stats. He's got a great gut. He's got the attitude. He always, always, always overperforms his peripherals.

But, he's a big name with a big dollar sign attached, so the Mets are going to try to swindle a first-timer instead.

Yeah, that tracks. Sorry, Flushing. You deserve better, but Jeff Wilpon doesn't.