Mets Release Statement After Agreeing to Part Ways With Carlos Beltran

Unlike the situations in Houston and Boston, the New York Mets went a different direction in the now world-famous sign-stealing scandal and allowed Carlos Beltran to make the decision to step down as skipper himself.

After the news was made official, the Mets didn't waste much time releasing a statement to let fans know exactly what was going on.

Perhaps the biggest takeaway from the statement is that the Mets expressed their belief that Beltran "was honest and forthcoming" with them. They even said they don't think this will spell the end of Beltran's baseball career.

But, the negative publicity now and in the future proved to be too much for both the organization and Beltran to handle right now.

After commissioner Rob Manfred released his investigative report on the Houston Astros' sign-stealing scandal from 2017, Beltran was listed as an accomplice of then-bench coach Alex Cora for devising the plan of electronically stealing signs.

Now, the Mets will look to replace their skipper, who didn't even man one game as the team's leader in the clubhouse. New York joins Boston and Houston as the teams looking for a new manager, for those of you keeping track at home.