Carlos Beltran Reportedly Didn't Tell Yankees Anything About Astros' Sign-Stealing Strategies in 2019

The latest news coming out about Carlos Beltran's role in the sign-stealing controversy will come as some relief to Yankees fans who may have been worried about their part in the scandal.

Information was revealed Wednesday that Beltran did not share his role in the 2017 Astros scandal with the Yankees in 2019. Furthermore, it removes the notion that Beltran shared Houston's sign-stealing system with the Yankees. If New York did break the rules in 2019, it was not because of Beltran, leaving MLB one step further from investigating those in the Bronx for such wrongdoings.

So what does this all mean? Well for starters, it means Beltran is still only guilty as a player, which means he's unlikely to receive punishment in the scandal. It also means that the Red Sox and the Astros are still the only teams that are implicated from this scandal, much to the disappointment of those respective fan bases.

Even so, the Mets are still under immense pressure with their decision about a manager who hasn't even been in the home dugout for one game. Yes the optics may look bad, especially after handing him a massive contract, but if there is no risk of punishment (such as is the case with Alex Cora) why not keep Beltran around and let him prove himself?

The Wilpons have a lot to think about.