The Mets Absolutely Cannot Let Joe Girardi Go to the Division-Rival Phillies

Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

Rumors have linked Joe Girardi to the New York Mets since probably before the Yankees even fired him. And as they continue to weigh out their options for their next skipper, they may be running out of time to lock down their guy.

According to reports, Girardi has emerged as a favorite to replace Gabe Kapler as the Phillies manager, and if the Mets were to allow the 55-year-old to join their division rivals, it would be a huge mistake.

After the Mets got hot enough down the stretch to give their fans hope this past season, they fired Mickey Callaway, meaning they believe their on-field management is the thing separating them most from the postseason.

Everyone knows Girardi is a good manager. He won NL Manager of the Year with the Marlins, and he never had a losing season in 10 years at the helm of the Yankees.

His hiring would likely have the support of the fan base as well.

The Mets simply cannot let him go to the Phillies, of all teams. Mets fans are already disappointed they haven't won a championship in over 30 years, so it's not a good idea to let a great manager go to a division rival that will certainly be competing for the NL East crown in the coming years.

After the Phillies and Gabe Kapler failed to reach the playoffs this year and the Mets actually finished with a better record, the Wilpons owe the fan base this one.