Megan Thee Stallion is Suing Former MLB Player Carl Crawford Over Contract With His Record Label

Former MLB outfielder Carl Crawford
Former MLB outfielder Carl Crawford / Harry How/Getty Images

No matter how closely you follow Major League Baseball, we wouldn't believe you if you said you knew former Rays, Dodgers and Red Sox outfielder Carl Crawford owned a record label called "1501 Certified Entertainment."

Well, he does, and now he's in some hot water. One his clients, breakout star rapper Megan Thee Stallion, is suing Crawford and his label because there is language in the contract she signed years ago that's preventing her from releasing new music. What kind of contract does that?

Don't mess with Hot Girl Meg.

She talked more about it via Instagram Live.

The 25-year-old explained she signed the deal back when she was 20 years old and didn't know some of the language in the agreement prevented her from releasing new music, and is now claiming the label is being "purposefully and deceptively vague" in regards to providing her clarity, from an accounting standpoint, on what she's owed. She requested the contract be renegotiated, and it seems Crawford and the label were having none of it. She's now suing them for $1 million in damages.

According to the suit, 1501 Certified Entertainment takes home 60% of her recording income. On top of that, they're trying to prevent the artist from being an artist, it seems.

We know Crawford managed to swindle the Red Sox into giving him $142 million, but he's not going to nickel and dime the CEO of Hot Girl Summer.