Dodgers Reportedly Verified With MLB That Mookie Betts Wasn't Caught in Red Sox Sign-Stealing Investigation

The Dodgers did their homework on Mookie Betts.
The Dodgers did their homework on Mookie Betts. / Norm Hall/Getty Images

The Los Angeles Dodgers made the move of the offseason when they acquired Mookie Betts from the Boston Red Sox in a blockbuster trade. The trade, however, was made in the midst of the league's investigation into the Red Sox for sign-stealing, leading to questions as to whether or not Betts would be punished if he was found to have contributed to cheating.

But the Dodgers did their due diligence. Before following through on the trade, they double-checked with MLB to make sure that the 2018 AL MVP wouldn't get caught up in any of the fallout from the investigation.

It certainly would have been a sticky situation if Betts was punished and missed a significant chunk of time after the Dodgers shipped out plenty of young talent for him.

It's also just further proof that the Dodgers are all in on winning a title this year. They made sure that nothing could keep their superstar trade acquisition from helping them wreak havoc on the league.

Now the Dodgers will be able to trot out an Opening Day lineup featuring two MVPs in Betts and homegrown star Cody Bellinger.

This is a team on a mission. After falling short of the ultimate goal for seven years, 2020 looks to be the Dodgers' best chance at claiming their first World Series title since 1988.