Max Kepler Posts Tone Deaf Response in Support of Police Amid Protests of George Floyd's Death

Minnesota Twins' Max Kepler picked the worst time post this photo
Minnesota Twins' Max Kepler picked the worst time post this photo

The extrajudicial killing of George Floyd in Minneapolis has prompted riots and nationwide unrest after another example of blatant police brutality was caught on tape.

Minnesota Twins outfielder Max Kepler used these uncertain, frightening times to end whatever amount of good will he had going for him, as he posted a picture of a mask featuring "Blue Lives Matter" imagery days after a police officer suffocated someone to death on film.

Any player in the MLB posting this pic would be justifiably scorned on social media. A Minnesota Twins outfielder posting this after rioting and civil unrest in Minneapolis is so shockingly tone deaf it's almost comical.

Kepler's weak follow up claims that his mask was just a fashion statement, as he asserts he is "not into politics."

Seems weird for someone who is not into politics to wear a very political article of clothing at a time of political unrest.

There is a SLIGHT chance that Kepler, born and raised in Germany, doesn't know what the black flag with a blue line through it means. That's probably the excuse he'll give in the next few days after he continues to get ripped on social media for his provocative mask.