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5 Times Max Kellerman Has Been Unbelievably Wrong

Max Kellerman
First Take co-host Max Kellerman | Jason Merritt/Getty Images

If you tune into ESPN's First Take for objectively coherent sports commentary, well, you're setting yourself up for disappointment.

Stephen A. Smith breaks the sound barrier on virtually every episode, and his debates with co-host Max Kellerman are genuinely intriguing...but only for said theatrics.

That got us thinking: how many times has Kellerman spewed utter nonsense on national television? In theory, there's probably a rash of selections from each major sport. So, for the sake of time, let's highlight some of Kellerman's worst ever blunders.

5. "Kobe Bryant is on the All-Decade worst team."

Back in August, the First Take crew was debating which NBA players were deserving of the nod to the All-Decade Team. When Kellerman's turn came, he took the ever-preposterous contrarian role by uttering that Kobe, who was voted to the third-team, should be penciled into the All-NBA worst team of the 2010s. Obviously Bryant tailed off prior to retiring, but he was named an All-Star in every season from 2010-2016. For those counting, those years fall into the 2010s! Who knew? Clearly not Kellerman.

4. Track Stars Are Failed Football and Basketball Players

Leave it to Kellerman to absolutely disparage THOUSANDS of track and field athletes across the globe. The ESPN loudmouth argued that track isn't necessarily a sport because it's too broad and only tests one's fast-twitch muscles. That pitiful, shortsighted assessment doesn't even deserve to be dissected.

3. Kawhi Leonard is Better in the Clutch Kobe Bryant

You just knew that this outlandish remark would make its way into the list. Kellerman sent Twitter ablaze following his claim that he would rather Kawhi have the rock in his hands over Kobe, arguably the most prolific player in crunch time in the history of the NBA. Don't get it twisted: Leonard, evidenced by his two Finals MVPs, is a cold-blooded assassin. However, he's nowhere near Bryant's stratosphere in terms of the clutch gene. Jay Williams was right to walk off the First Take set.

2. Larry Fitzgerald "Might" Be a Hall of Famer

This is about as indefensible as a hot take one could spew, and Smith nodded along as if Kellerman's claims held any sort of legitimacy. Larry Legend -- who is second all-time in NFL history in both yards and receptions, as well as sixth in touchdowns -- is a future first ballot Hall of Famer.

1. Claiming Tom Brady Will Fall Off a Cliff

Never forget in 2016 when Kellerman mustered the courage to declare that TB12 would fall off a proverbial cliff. This particular rubbish came on the heels of the Patriots' loss in the AFC Championship Game against the Broncos as Brady was facing his four-game suspension for Deflategate. How did the future Hall of Famer respond to Kellerman's hoopla? By leading New England to Super Bowls in two of the three seasons since his prediction. Oh, and he took home the MVP award in 2017 for good measure.