Mark Dantonio in Hot Water After Recruiting Photo Implies He Might've Lied About NCAA Violations

Mark Dantonio
A recruiting photo shows that Mark Dantonio might have lied under oath regarding NCAA violations. | Rey Del Rio/Getty Images

Mark Dantonio stepped down as Michigan State head football coach earlier this month, on the same day NCAA allegations emerged against him.

Dantonio is in the midst of a lawsuit over NCAA recruiting violations. While speaking under oath on Jan. 10, Dantonio vehemently denied that former staffer Curtis Blackwell made in-home visits with recruits.

However, according to a report by the Detroit News, photo evidence presented by Blackwell's lawyers shows Dantonio, Blackwell and staffers Harlon Barnett and Mike Tressel posing with former 4-star recruit Daelin Hayes.

In the past, Dantonio said that Blackwell had attended visits with recruits with him before, but the staffer would never enter the home. Instead, he'd wait in the car. Obviously, the photo evidence proves otherwise.

The visits weren't the only allegations made against Dantonio. Blackwell's attorneys accused the retired coach of organizing employment for the parents of two high-profile recruits under Varsity S Club donor Bob Skandalaris, who funded the team's football facility.

Dantonio denied that he ever told Blackwell to speak with Skandalaris about hiring the aforementioned parents. However, Dantonio did say he had hired parents in the past, but got them approved by the university's compliance department.

The evidence against Dantonio looks damning, and it will remain to be seen how this all plays out for the now former Michigan State sideline boss.