​The trend of punters coming from Australia is permeating to all levels and corners of ​college football. Since rugby and Australians rules football both involve kicking a ball shaped like a football in the same manner as a punt in American football it makes sense. 

​Michigan State finally got in on the trend, adding Aussie Jack Bouwmeester to the squad. 

At a press conference, when asked about his new punter, Spartans head coach ​Mark Dantonio gave us a quote that completely boggles the mind. 

​​Huh? In what way is it like getting a mail order bride, Dantonio? Because Bouwmeester is from another country?

Dantonio, perhaps reading the room that was completely confused, took some time to praise his new import, calling him "too good to pass up". 

​​Bouwmeester himself is a cool, unique story that shouldn't be overshadowed by a weird quote about mail order brides. After picking up American football within the calendar year, he's now on a Division I squad. 

Dantonio isn't a vocal coach known for show-stopping press conference. But every now and again, even he can deliver some weird, headline-stealing quotes.