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Madden Player Hilariously Makes Chargers' Offense Entirely Out of Philip Rivers' Wife and Kids

With the return of the new NFL season comes the next iteration of Madden, and this particular player took full advantage of the game's features.

Philip Rivers made headlines last season when it was announced he and his wife were expecting a ninth child. With that in mind, one Madden player decided to create an entirely new offense for the Los Angeles Chargers with each position taken by one of Rivers' nine kids and his wife, Tiffany.

The offense is now perfectly catered to Rivers, and the chemistry should be through the roof with this new-look LA team. Though I must admit, that offensive line doesn't do much in terms of intimidation.

An underrated detail in the video is the numbering of each uniform 1-10. It's the perfect touch to an already over-the-top creation.

Rivers is taking a page out of Antonio Cromartie's book, who has 14 children to his name. Those two families alone could populate a small town, yet there's no guarantee number nine is the last Rivers' child.

Rivers is known by people close to him as a family man, as it's well reported the veteran quarterback refused to move from his San Diego home after the team moved to Los Angeles 2017. He commuted to camp every day from San Diego as to not displace his family.

There's no disputing Rivers will raise good kids, but the question remains. Can he lead a team of them?