'Mad Dog' Russo Has Worst Take Yet on MLBPA and 2020 Season

Mad Dog Russo had strong words for Bryce Harper
Mad Dog Russo had strong words for Bryce Harper / Michael Reaves/Getty Images

Mike Francesa might be the half of the old "Mike and the Mad Dog" duo more prone to setting social media on fire with some blazing hot takes, but Chris "Mad Dog" Russo showed today that his takes are every bit as scalding.

Russo claimed that Philadelphia Phillies outfielder Bryce Harper, one of the many players who has used social media to call out the owners for their unwillingness to budge in negotiations to get the 2020 MLB season started, shouldn't be allowed to voice his opinion because he "stunk" in Year 1 of his 13-year deal with the Phillies.

If you can believe it, saying that a guy who hit 35 home runs and drove in a career-best 114 runs while playing excellent defense "stinks" wasn't the worst part of the take.

Russo not only inferred that only players who have "done anything" should be qualified enough to speak out, but he claimed that players like Harper and Trevor Bauer have "done nothing," while a lower-tier player like Chicago Cubs first baseman Anthony Rizzo is allowed to call the league out because "he is a champion."

He also called Colorado Rockies pitcher Kyle Freeland "Kevin" just for good measure.

Mad Dog and Francesa are both New York legends and titans of the sports radio industry, but some of their takes really make you shake your head from time to time.