Chris 'Mad Dog' Russo Destroys Everyone Involved in Astros Scandal in 8-Minute Rant

Chris Russo, Jack Youngblood
Chris Russo is known for going ballistic during his interviews, recently ranting about the Astros. | Cindy Ord/Getty Images

Chris Russo is known among MLB fans as someone who has a hot temper and may blow up at anyone for almost anything. Recently, "Mad Dog" went absolutely mad about Justin Verlander and his role in the Houston Astros' scandal.

Russo stayed true to his persona a few days ago when yelling about the Astros during one of his big rants.

Russo will say whatever he wants, whenever he wants. In relation to the apology offered by Astros owner Jim Crane and the players, he bluntly stated, “If the Astros used a consultant firm to set up this whole press conference idea, fire them. Just a horrendous job. A horrendous job by the franchise."

He reserved plenty of vitriol for Crane and the Astros players, who got off scot-free, saying, "You can’t completely absolve the players! How do you completely absolve the players? These are not 13-year-olds playing baseball. You want to throw Hinch and Luhnow under the bus, and (say) you went above and beyond by firing them. Really? Anyone would have fired the two of them. To sit there and tell us that it’s all their fault ... How about the players? These are grown men who did this!”

"Mad Dog" may not have a filter, but he is for sure in the right in this scenario.

For those who don't remember, here is the video of Russo just going off on Verlander for his hypocrisy about a month ago.

The Astros were completely in the wrong these past few years for all the cheating they have done. Now, with their half-hearted apologies and self-righteous callouts of other players, this organization is just digging itself a bigger hole than it had been in before these recent poorly-thought-out responses.