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List of Teams That Could 'Deny' Yankees in Gerrit Cole Chase Reportedly Revealed

Gerrit Cole
Gerrit Cole has several suitors who may try and sway him away from going to New York. | Mike Stobe/Getty Images

The New York Yankees are reportedly going to do whatever it takes to land Gerrit Cole. That means spending any amount of money and giving him an offer he can't turn down, likely setting records in the process.

The only thing standing in the team's way, of course, is a sequence of other teams who may try to one-up the Yankees. Cole is going to be expensive and only a few teams have a shot to pay him what he wants, and that filled-out list of potential competitors just dropped, per Jon Heyman.

The above tweet lays out the four main competitors to the Yankees. Though it is noted those are the "known" teams, could there be a surprise suitor?

Both Los Angeles teams have an advantage considering Cole is from California (and we've oft considered them the actual favorites). Philadelphia seemingly has an unlimited budget, and Texas could be looking to make a splash in a year before which their new stadium is opening.

Not wanting to be denied may mean these other teams continue to drive Cole's price up to a point where only the Yankees will pay him. The team has the money, but each passing day could take other pitchers off the market, and the Yankees will get more desperate. That will only mean more money spent.

Cole is in an ideal situation and has his pick of where he wants to play. Whether that is New York remains to be seen.