Phillies Reportedly Going 'All Out' for Anthony Rendon

Anthony Rendon
Anthony Rendon could receive a massive deal from the Philadelphia Phillies this offseason. | Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images

The Philadelphia Phillies don't appear to have a budget.

The team signed Bryce Harper to a 13-year contract last year and are now reportedly trying to lure Anthony Rendon with major money, pairing these former Washington teammates together long-term.

If Rendon is going to make over $200 million, the Phillies are going to have nearly half a billion dollars invested in two players. The team already owes Jake Arietta $20 million in 2020, Jean Segura nearly $15 million, and Andrew McCutchen $17 million.

And don't forget that Zack Wheeler just signed a deal over $100 million.

The Phillies are playing with Monopoly money at this point in the hopes of winning their first World Series since 2009. Is the cost worth it?

Baseball is the one sport where owners can flaunt their wealth and spend until their wallets are empty. The Phillies represent such an argument.

The only goal in the City of Brotherly Love is winning. If that plan goes south, the ownership will have to answer to he fanbase, and their investors.