LeBron James, Anthony Davis and Other Lakers Share Powerful Message Together on IG Stories Amid Protests

While the NBA possibly returning is big news for basketball fans, the racial injustices that are taking place throughout America certainly take precedent in the current discussion. The deaths of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor and Ahmaud Arbery have sent the nation into a frenzy, and Americans have taken to the streets in all major cities in order to let their voice be heard about denouncing racism.

Individual professional and college athletes and coaches across the country have released statements surrounding the recent killing of Floyd, and Lakers players LeBron James, Anthony Davis, Danny Green and Alex Caruso have decided to stand united. They decided to stand together with a singular, stoic message on their Instagram stories.

All four players are letting their followers know that they need to stand with the right side in the fight against racism in order for them to be accepted.

Black people have fought for countless centuries to be looked at as equals, but have had to deal with the systemic racism put into place in America. James also questioned why America does not appreciate the ones who helped to make the country possible in the first place.

While the work to create genuine progress is far from done, these four Laker players are using their social media platforms to let it be known where they stand on the issue of racial tension in this country. If anyone else is not getting with the program, then they are clearly in the wrong place and following the wrong people.