MLB Makes Another Laughable Offer to the Players and We're Officially Done With This

MLB's latest proposal to the players' union is a joke.
MLB's latest proposal to the players' union is a joke. / Rob Tringali/Sportschrome/Getty Images

Remember when MLB commissioner Rob Manfred assured baseball fans that the owners were preparing a counter proposal to the players' latest offer and that it would be close to what the latter has been pursuing in terms of logistics and finances?

Well, the details of that motion have just been revealed and they are downright ridiculous. Per Evan Drellich of The Athletic, the owners have presented a 72-game blueprint that, from a financial perspective, would be almost equivalent to what players would earn from a fully-prorated salary in a 50-game season.

We'll obviously watch when play resumes -- Manfred has come out and said that there will be baseball this year -- but we are officially checked out of the negotiation process. Reports claim that the MLBPA has until Sunday to come to a decision. With confidence, we can say that it will be rejected upon arrival. This whole situation has truly been a disgrace.

The offer would see players receive 70% prorated salaries for the regular season and up to 80% if the playoffs are completed. Seriously, what prompted Manfred to assert that this would be anything close to reasonable?

It's just the same old story. The players will reject it and send a legitimate counter proposal that the owners will ultimately deny. At this rate, fans might be better off preparing for Manfred to institute a 48-game season.