LeBron James Responds to Chilling Video of Buffalo Police Pushing Over Old Man

LeBron James reacts to horrific video of Buffalo police.
LeBron James reacts to horrific video of Buffalo police. /

The recent protests across the country in the wake of George Floyd's death have primarily focused on police brutality in all forms. Yes, in this instance, law enforcement's treatment of minorities, especially black people, is at the forefront of the argument, but the argument encompasses any and all forms of mistreatment toward all races.

A recent video showed Buffalo police officers in riot gear shoving an old man to the ground and refusing to administer help despite the fact he was clearly bleeding from his ear. Los Angeles Lakers superstar LeBron James chimed in on the matter, claiming that "you're part of the problem" if you don't see the issue with this video.

While James was seething with rage at the actual act, he was even more infuriated at the explanation given by the police department, in which they claimed the man "tripped and fell" despite literal video evidence proving otherwise.

How can you be so ghoulish that you not only publish that in an official statement, but then sleep at night having done that? Luckily, someone with a conscience stepped in and suspended both officers who made contact with the old man.

The explosion of social media and the fact that anyone can film an officer's actions have led to an avalanche of videos online that depict the abuse of power and status. The video from Buffalo is a grim reminder of what these protesters are up against.