VIDEO: We Can All Learn Something From Kyle Kuzma Discussing Growing Up Biracial

Los Angeles Lakers star Kyle Kuzma open up about racial inequalities.
Los Angeles Lakers star Kyle Kuzma open up about racial inequalities.

Following George Floyd's death in Minnesota, we've seen countless professional athletes and celebrities step up to try and make a difference in their communities, while also trying to bring to light the racial injustices that are consistently taking place in the USA. One man who has encountered racial injustice in both white and black communities is Lakers forward Kyle Kuzma. Speaking with Marc Spears, Kuzma discussed the difficulties of his childhood growing up biracial.

Kuzma recalls pains from both white and black communities, saying, "Growing up in Flint, Michigan, a predominantly black place, living in black neighborhoods, not being black enough. And then going to, you know, white schools and white communities in high school and just not being white enough."

These struggles are not exclusive to Kuzma either, but are faced by countless biracial and mixed race individuals throughout the world. The problem was summarized by Kuzma, "Just growing up, you know, just kinda not being enough of a certain kind of ethnicity or race."

Kuzma has been vocal about his identity in the past, with his recent article in The Players' Tribune reiterating his experiences and vouching to continue fighting for racial justice, a fight that many other NBA players and people throughout the world have joined.

As we all try to understand the experiences of those outside ourselves, Kuzma's biracial childhood is an important perspective to consider.