LeBron James Co-Creates Voting Rights Advocacy Organization

LeBron James
LeBron James is helping to create a voting rights advocacy organization. | Getty Images/Getty Images

LeBron James is not just a legend on the basketball court. He has used his wealth and platform to do great things off the court as well. He helped found the I PROMISE School in his native Akron, and has been conistently vocal on major social issus, particularly during the latter half of his career.

James' latest act of goodwill is helping to create a group focused on protecting the voting rights of African-Americans.

The organization is called "More Than a Vote," co-created alongside other pro basketball figures like Jalen Rose, Trae Young, and Skylar Diggins-Smith. The group is focusing on a real and troubling issue in this country, voter suppression that disproportionately targets Black Americans.

James is one of the most prominent voices not just in sports, but in our society. He can bring more attention to this issue, and can use his platform to call out municipalities that are trying to restrict the constitutional right to vote. His timing is perfect, as the November election is fast approaching.