Kyle Kuzma Tweets Perfect Response to LeBron James' Jersey Switch to No. 6

The reports came in. The on-set "Space Jam" photos came next. And now, LeBron James is ready to make it official: he's gifting his No. 23 jersey to Anthony Davis, and will resume playing with the famous No. 6 he donned as a member of the Miami Heat.

Amid separate buzz that suggested he'd be re-adopting his old pregame "chalk toss" ritual, Lakers teammate Kyle Kuzma had just one thing to add to the narrative.

Headband LeBron is an iconic LeBron. The man, whose single weakness in all of life was his receding hairline, was often known in the past to wear a gigantic headband (sometimes two!) to help conceal the telltale sign of his advancing age. And Kuz wants it back.

Maybe he should reintroduce the shooting sleeve, too.

This is all of a piece that suggests we're going to see a revitalized LBJ in 2019-20. After being limited to just 55 games due to injury and missing out on this year's playoffs, we could be in store for a version of LeBron that has the kind of spring in his step we haven't seen in years. And if that's the case, the rest of the league may as well just pack it in now.