LeBron Hints Pregame Chalk Tossing Routine May Return in 2019

Miami Heat v Golden State Warriors
Miami Heat v Golden State Warriors / Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

LeBron James hasn't been doing his famous pregame chalk toss since the conclusion of the 2014 season, but fans who were fond of his ritual are in for a treat. The chalk toss was one of the most iconic pregame rituals in sports history and always seemed to capture the attention of every fan in attendance as well as those watching at home.

LeBron recently hinted that his pregame routine may be on its way back for the 2019 NBA season and could be here to stay.

This all started with a tweet from Timeless Sports showing a collage of LeBron's best chalk tosses calling them 'timeless'. From there, Twitter did its thing and went crazy until the King gave in to the hype of the crowd and gave fans just what they wanted.

He ended up replying on Twitter, which naturally, stirred the conversation even further.

There's still no promises as to whether or not LeBron will bring the chalk back out of retirement, but he has always been a man of the people. And there's no question that Lakers fans would love to see it make a comeback.

If I were to make a bet, I'd say the chalk toss is coming back for the first time in five years, and Lakers fans should embrace it as they've embraced The King himself.