Max Scherzer Comments on Astros Sign-Stealing Scandal and Straight-up Says They Cheated

Max Scherzer
Nationals starting pitcher Max Scherzer expressed his belief that the Astros cheated. | Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images

The Houston Astros didn't exactly help their case on Thursday, as they held an emotionless apology press conference. The once brash baseball team were quiet, while owner Jim Crane brazenly said the sign-stealing scandal had no effect on the game of baseball.

With the benefit of the doubt thrown out the window, nobody will believe anything the Astros say. Many of their colleagues around the league believe they cheated, and the latest to say so is Washington Nationals ace Max Scherzer.

That doesn't come as a shock, considering the amount of intel they received prior to this past year's World Series. Boston Red Sox manager Alex Cora and Los Angeles Dodgers players warned the Nationals about the cheating on the Astros' end.

Scherzer even reached out to former Nationals relief pitcher Tony Sipp about whether they should be concerned about Houston, to which he replied with a simple yes.

As a result, Scherzer and the entire Washington pitching staff came up with their way to combat the sign-stealing. Each pitcher had five sets of unique signs, with catchers Yan Gomes and Kurt Suzuki wearing wristbands containing each signal.

The plan worked out to perfection, as the Nationals hoisted the Commissioner's Trophy following Game 7 in Houston, the center of illegal sign-stealing.

Scherzer is full aware of the Astros' cheating, and he wants them to live with that guilt, because no one is going to be in the forgiving mood.