De'Aaron Fox Shaved His Head and We Seriously Don't Recognize Him

De'Aaron Fox's new cut is a lot different than his old one.
De'Aaron Fox's new cut is a lot different than his old one. /

While most of us are struggling to maintain our preferred hairstyles due to the closure of barber shops around the country amid the coronavirus pandemic, Sacramento Kings point guard De'Aaron Fox decided to hit the refresh button on his entire look.

Gone is Fox's tall, curly, spiky hairstyle that he has sported since his days in college. Fox has shaved those locks off completely, opting for the buzzcut look during quarantine.

Don't need a barber when you have a buzzer! This is a complete re-brand for Fox considering we've always associated his eccentric hair with his electrifying style of play.

Fox, a former first-round pick out of Kentucky, is starting to make the leap towards stardom, as he has really impressed under Luke Walton this season. Fox has improved his points per game average from 11.6 as a rookie to 17.3 last year and 20.4 in the 2019-20 season, showing that he could indeed become a complete offensive threat at the point guard position.

Considering how unique his old look was, Fox's clean-shaven cut might take some getting used too.