VIDEO: De'Aaron Fox Falls Victim to Brutal Missed Foul Call Against Nuggets

Sure, there's a lot less vicious defense in the paint these days in the NBA, and the savage hand smacks of the '80s have fallen by the wayside. But don't tell me the refs don't let a lot of contact go in the modern game, too! Exhibit A, where De'Aaron Fox got fully hugged in the lane, bordering on an intentional foul, but did not receive a whistle of any kind.

Excuse me?

Of course, Fox has done his best despite the poor treatment; he's blown coast-to-coast a number of times, and even outleapt Paul Millsap for a jump ball. Millsap!

The Kings haven't quite had the same spark this year. Could it be the departure of Dave Joerger? The lack of superstar calls? Or the headbands?

We're going to go with the headbands. Lot of baked-in ninja regression here in Sacramento.