Kings Call Out Boston Globe for Firing off Premature Tweet Claiming Celtics Won

The Boston Celtics were looking to clinch a remarkable 11th consecutive victory on Sunday. Having not lost since the season opener, the C's were rolling and feeling confident heading into their clash with the Sacramento Kings. To the surprise of many, the Kings took home the victory, 100-99, snapping the win streak at 10 games.

Someone probably should have let the guys over at The Boston Globe know that, because they fired off a premature tweet which claimed the Celtics had won their 11th game in a row.

Naturally, the Kings Twitter account saw the post, and took a jab at the Globe at the Celtics' expense.

The Kings, who started off the season 0-5 but have since been winners of five of their past seven games, were not about to be discredited after taking down the best team in the East.

Somehow, more than an hour after the fact, The Boston Globe has not deleted its tweet.

Buddy Hield carried the load for the Kings, scoring 35 points and netting seven 3's. He also contributed six rebounds and four steals in the stunning victory over the Celtics.

While the C's sit atop the standings in the East, and the Kings near the cellar in the West, it was Sacramento who got the last laugh on Sunday.