VIDEO: Kings Snap Celtics' 10-Game Win Streak as Marcus Smart Narrowly Misses Game-Winning Floater

The Boston Celtics are looking like the team to beat in the NBA after getting off to a red-hot start, riding a 10-game win streak to a 10-1 record. Well, that streak came to a halt against a rather unlikely opponent on Sunday, as the Sacramento Kings were able to upend the C's in a wild finish. In a one-point game following a pair of free throws, Kemba Walker dished the ball out to Marcus Smart, who drove to the rim and tossed up a floater that hovered for what felt like an eternity. The shot ultimately missed and the Kings walked away with a W.

The Kings defense played the last possession perfectly, though ultimately the win will be credited to Buddy Hield, who dropped 35 points and added six rebounds and four steals.

The Kings improved to 5-7 with the victory, winners of two straight games and five of their last seven, perhaps left for dead too soon.