Kevin Ollie Serves Dan Hurley a Subpoena as Feud With UConn Drags on

Kevin Ollie
Kevin Ollie is gunning for anyone and everyone involved with UConn. | Michael Hickey/Getty Images

The beef between the UConn men's basketball team and former head coach Kevin Ollie is nowhere near a conclusion.

In fact, Ollie and his lawyer have actually served current head coach Dan Hurley with a subpoena as he continues to fight for the money that he believes he is rightfully owed.

While it's understandable that Ollie wants the $10 million that was left on his deal when the Huskies showed him the door, it just seems a little bit off the mark for him to be dragging Hurley into this.

What information could Hurley possibly provide that would help Ollie's case? To show up at his house and tell him he's been served is just excessive.

The man was hired two weeks after Ollie was fired. When that's taken into consideration with the way the team was trending and his NCAA rules violations, it's hard to see how he connects to the case. Hurley just happened to be the man that filled the vacancy Ollie left.

This battle is between Ollie and the school. Involving anyone else is just an absurd ploy to create havoc.