UConn Women's Basketball Honors Gianna Bryant With Personalized Jersey Ahead of Scrimmage Against Team USA

UConn women's basketball honors Gianna Bryant
UConn women's basketball honors Gianna Bryant | Allen Berezovsky/Getty Images

Kobe and Gianna Bryant unfortunately passed away on Sunday in a tragic helicopter accident that killed seven others. The tragedy sent shockwaves around the basketball world, including the women's game, where Kobe had done so much recent work and Gianna strived to be a rising star.

The premier women's college basketball program, UConn, has elected to honor Gianna ahead of their scrimmage against Team USA on Monday night.

To commemorate the impactful 13 years Gianna Bryant lived, the team draped a jersey with her No. 2 over a chair on their bench along with a flower bouquet.

Gianna, similar to her father, was an incredibly gifted basketball talent, and was determined to change the face of women's basketball herself. She sought to continue her father's legacy.

While Kobe wad lived his basketball life, Gianna was just starting hers. The two would have revolutionized and changed the face of women's basketball, as Kobe was a big proponent of talent in the WNBA and women's basketball and Gianna was tearing it up on the court.

Sunday was a horrific end to what was supposed to be a long, inspiring story written by father and daughter.