Kevin Durant Posts Cryptic Instagram Story Amid Free Agency and Injury Rumors

With a calf injury keeping Kevin Durant off the court for the Golden State Warriors in the Western Conference Finals and the NBA Finals, the free agency rumors have been flying at record paces. Seemingly every day, Kevin Durant is assuredly staying put in the morning and heading to the east coast by the afternoon.

Durant, notorious for clapping back on social media, has finally had enough. He took aim at all the stories out there, some potentially of dubious quality, decrying them as "false information," which his horoscope warned him of.

While the KD to the Knicks movement had been thought of as a certainty a month ago, the Clippers and Nets have emerged as legit contenders for Durant's signature, as has his current team in Golden State.

We know Durant has rabbit ears, but these stories aren't going to die down because of an Instagram story.

While Durant, who is still working towards a return in these Finals, is likely not thinking about free agency every waking moment like some would lead you to believe, the media is simply following a breadcrumb trail led by other free agents to be and trying to connect the dots.

Until Durant puts pen to paper in a few weeks, this is going to continue.