Kevin Durant Gets in Twitter Feud With Knicks Fans After Dissing the Organization


Kevin Durant, even with the Achilles injury, was a sought after free agent this offseason, especially by the New York Knicks. Fans were clamoring over the prospective addition of both Durant and Kyrie Irving, but sadly, the team settled for a multitude of power forwards and Wayne Ellington.

Well, based off some recent comments from Durant, the Knicks were never really in consideration for the star forward. Durant's comments didn't sit well with Knicks fans, who called out the former Warrior on Twitter.

And of course, KD was ready to clap back.

We all know that Durant isn't afraid to respond to haters on Twitter, and since he likely won't be playing this season, it seems he has nothing better to do with his time than to fuel the fire.

No matter who came at Durant to attempt to get under his skin, the newest member of the Brooklyn Nets would come back a savage response.

Clearly he's content with his choice to spurn the Knicks in favor of their in-state rivals, and the trash talking to their fan base is just the cherry on top for KD.