Kevin Durant Announces New Number for Start of Brooklyn Nets Career

Kevin Durant has worn his iconic No. 35 jersey ever since he started popping up on the NBA radar as a pre-college prospect. He wore it with the Texas Longhorns, in his first year in the NBA with the Sonics, on the OKC Thunder, and even with the Golden State Warriors.

Well, it looks like Durant is trying to reinvent himself in some form. After signing with the Brooklyn Nets, KD plans to change his jersey to No. 7, according to Shams Charania.

And yes, the man himself announced it shortly thereafter.

While to some, a new jersey number means very little, it can be a significant moment for an NBA player. Just think about when LeBron transitioned to No. 6 in Miami (and now again in LA) or when Kobe made the switch from No. 8 to No. 24.

Durant is probably hoping that this shift in jersey number represents a big change in his career, and it probably will, considering he won't play in 2019-20, as he's recovering from his ruptured Achilles.

When he next takes the floor in 2020-21, it will have been more than a full year since his last time on an NBA court, and he may very well play differently because of his ailment.

Durant had a reason for wearing No. 35 throughout his career, of course. He wore the number because his first basketball coach, Charles Craig, was shot and killed back in 2005, at age 35. Naturally, KD wore the jersey to honor his late coach, whom he met at age 8.

It'll be interesting to see if he has a meaningful reason for choosing his new digit, or if he's just trying to get off to a fresh start with his new team.