Julio Jones Contract Details Revealed

Julio Aguilar/Getty Images

In the midst of the Antonio Brown situation, which has been dragged out to unthinkable proportions, one NFL wide receiver who will actually be on the field for his team in Week 1 has gotten paid, and rightfully so.

The Atlanta Falcons have agreed to make Julio Jones the highest-paid receiver in the entire league just before the start of Week 1, and the details of the contract are stunning.

This is good news for the Falcons after there were reports about Jones being disgruntled with his contract situation.

Jones' three-year $66 million extension includes $64 million up front, which completely blows every other wide receiver's contract out of the water and has immense implications on future contract negotiations between star wide receivers and their teams. Not to mention the extension is fully guaranteed.

The six-time Pro Bowler and two-time first team All Pro has been a rock for Matt Ryan and the Falcons' wide receiving corps over the past eight years, as he's averaged 1,341 receiving yards and 87 receptions per year throughout his career-- and that's before taking into account his rookie year and his injury-plagued 2013 season.

The above tweet might shine a bright light on Antonio Brown's production on the field, but it definitely does not take into account Brown's attitude and lack of accountability, which can be directly contrasted by the fact that Jones is one of the most hardworking and humble wide receivers in the NFL.

Props to the Falcons for rewarding their star wide receiver and putting their faith in him not only to produce on the field, but to also carry himself with dignity as an ambassador for his team off the field as well. What a stark contrast to what's been going on with Antonio Brown and the Raiders.