Julian Edelman Shares Killer Mike's Powerful Message as Protests Rage Across America

The death of George Floyd has caused a polarizing reaction throughout the United States. On one hand, people are gathering for peaceful protests to stand in solidarity against racism. On the other, some are taking advantage of these protests and looting, which causes the narrative to be changed about what is truly happening in the streets, messing with the motivation.

The city of Atlanta has been one of the hardest hit when it comes to dealing with peaceful protests and looting. Rapper and social activist Killer Mike delivered a passionate eight-minute speech on Atlanta’s local news station about what needs to be done in the city in order for conditions to improve. One of the professional athletes who shared Killer Mike’s message is Super Bowl Champion Julian Edelman, and it definitely deserves to be amplified.

Many athletes and other sports figures have been called out in some way, shape or form when it comes to staying silent on the issue of racism. While white athletes do not necessarily have the same knowledge about issues that plague black America, they do have a moral responsibility to speak out, and it is clear that many have taken the stance on their own.

In this case, Edelman is no exception. This has caught the eyes of sports fans as a result.

Edelman’s share Killer Mike’s speech while urging his followers to listen to what the great orator is saying is very important. In a moment of time where racial tension is at its highest in the year 2020, Edelman is making sure that the people who care about what he has to say also care about what black people are saying about issues not only pertaining to them, but to the entire country.