Julian Edelman Says Younger Generations Can't Handle Getting 'MF'ed' When Alluding to Tom Brady Rant

Tom Brady and Julian Edelman prepare to play the Houston Texans
Tom Brady and Julian Edelman prepare to play the Houston Texans / Tim Warner/Getty Images

It's no secret that Tom Brady is one of the most demanding quarterbacks in the NFL, and his high standards were on full display when he was seen chewing out his wide receivers in the New England Patriots' 28-22 loss to the Houston Texans.

Veteran wideout Julian Edelman, who happens to be one of Brady's most trusted companions, tried to dispel it as nothing more than business as usual. In doing so, however, he basically suggested that the younger generations take things too personally.

"There's no hard feelings in football," said Edelman, implying that the younger players were cracking under the pressure. "When you are younger, you really don't understand...

"People say things, people do things because the emotion levels are so high and you can’t take anything personal. That’s football. I think, especially nowadays, it’s such a different type of generation where it’s almost like you can’t get MF’d anymore.

Here's what he's referring to:

Yes, there needs to be a level of trust between Brady and his receivers, and sometimes it hasn't looked like it's there this year, but that might not be because they're getting yelled at.

While Edelman may have a point, it's unclear why he's saying this because nobody has come out in opposition of Brady.