JR Smith Tries Interesting New Twitter Strategy to Get Back Into NBA

Ex-Cleveland Cavaliers JR Smith would like to return to the NBA
Ex-Cleveland Cavaliers JR Smith would like to return to the NBA /

JR Smith has been without a job in the NBA since about 15 games into the 2019 season. Coincidentally, that was the campaign right after his blunder in Game 1 of the 2018 NBA Finals that cost the Cavs a shot at stealing a victory as regulation time expired against the Golden State Warriors.

His past, which includes some suggestive Twitter exchanges through direct messages, a few spats with coaches (including one that ended up in Smith throwing soup at a Cavs assistant), and his likeness becoming forever linked to shirtlessness and a Hennessy bottle back in 2016, hasn't stopped the longtime journeyman from vying for another shot within the league. This time, he's taken to social media as an outlet in hopes of redemption, making it known on Twitter that he can still do what he does best.

He didn't mean himself, though. No, no. No way. Just wondering!

Smith is right, no matter how he slices it. There are multiple NBA teams that can use both shooting and perimeter defense. Fans though, had a field day with his tweet, and many of the replies had nothing to do with his on-court ability.

Oof. It's...it's true, though.

Yeah, NBA fans can be brutal. Only time will tell if Smith will be able to shake the mistake that's haunted him since 2018. Sometimes, though, if you can put the ball in the hoop, that's all that will matter to an NBA franchise.

That's the spirit!