VIDEO: JR Smith Responds After Clip of Him Beating up Rioter Who Attacked His Car Emerges

Caught in the midst of protests that have taken place throughout the country ever since the murder of George Floyd in Minneapolis, plenty of people have been hurt or adversely affected by the escalation into vandalism -- and that includes NBA stars. In a video that is making rounds on Twitter by way of TMZ Sports, former NBA champion JR Smith was caught on tape beating up a man who was destroying car windows. Smith’s response and explanation swiftly found its way to Twitter.

The sharpshooter provided context as to why exactly he decided to take action and defend what he rightfully owns. Smith also mentioned the fact that the man who was vandalizing his car was in no way involved with the protests that were happening in the city of Los Angeles (and likely wasn't motivated by the cause).

In the video, it is clear that there are no other protesters in frame in the residential area.

Luckily, a few people were able to hold back Smith as the man ran away. Following his response and justification, the whole situation makes sense. Smith appears to have rightfully defended his property.