Eagles QB Josh McCown Played The Entire Second Half Against the Seahawks With A Torn Hamstring

Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Josh McCown against the Seattle Seahawks
Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Josh McCown against the Seattle Seahawks / Steven Ryan/Getty Images

The Philadelphia Eagles fell in the playoffs to the Seattle Seahawks 17-9 after Carson Wentz exited the game in the first quarter due to a concussion. 40-year-old Josh McCown came in an relief, and he played admirably despite having practically zero healthy wide receivers.

McCown's performance looks even more impressive, however, when you discover that he played the entire second half of the game with a torn hamstring, which would explain why McCown would limp every time he had to cut laterally.

That takes serious guts, people.

If McCown had gone down injured himself, converted wide receiver Greg Ward, who played quarterback in college at Houston, was the emergency option. His sheer toughness and resolve prevented that conversation from happening.

McCown, who came out of retirement to serve as the Eagles' backup following Nick Foles' departure and Nate Sudfeld's injury, went 18-24 for 174 yards in his first-ever playoff action.

After the game, an injured and exhausted McCown recounted exactly what this game meant to him and his family.

McCown, at the age of 40 and on one good leg, gave it everything he had, and ended up just one score away from sending a playoff game to overtime in what could be his final NFL contest.

If this is really it for him as a player, what a way to go out.