VIDEO: Josh McCown Lets Emotions Out at Press Conference After Playoff Debut in Eagles-Seahawks

Philadelphia Eagles QB Josh McCown gives emotional press conference after Wild Card loss.

The Philadelphia Eagles entered their first playoffs with a healthy Carson Wentz on Sunday. However, a controversial hit by Seattle Seahawks defensive end Jadeveon Clowney knocked Wentz out for the remainder of the game with a head injury. He was replaced by Josh McCown, a veteran journeyman, who at the age of 40, had never featured in a playoff game. While he didn't get the desired results, McCown was overcome with emotion on the field and in the locker room. The tears continued in the postgame press conference, when speaking about what the game meant to both himself and his family.

McCown simply loves the game of football, and he put his body on the line to try to help the Eagles win. Unfortunately, despite completing 75% of his passes for 174 yards, it just wasn't enough for Philadelphia to advance.

But more importantly, he expressed his love for his family. McCown credited his wife, children, and parents for helping him continue his dream job, despite the numerous times moving from city to city. He not only wanted to win for the Eagles, but for his loved ones.

While he didn't get the desired result, he definitely earned himself new fans, not only for his performance on the field, but the beautiful words he shared with the world in front of the podium.