Francis Ngannou Has NSFW Response to Fighting Jon Jones Without Pay Raise

Ngannou vs Jones doesn't sound like it's that close
Ngannou vs Jones doesn't sound like it's that close / Emmanuel Wong/Getty Images

Francis Ngannou, likely the most powerful puncher in MMA today, would give Jon Jones as difficult a fight as anyone, but he isn't going to take on arguably the greatest fighter in UFC history for a standard payday.

Ngannou claims the UFC offered him the same $260,000 he made for knocking out Jairzinho Rosenstruik to take on the king of the light heavyweights. Ngannou offered a scathing rebuke that shut down any possibility he would fight for anything less than a king's ransom.

Well then, it sounds like Ngannou won't risk himself for chump change against Jones.

Ngannou, who has long been skeptical of the UFC's desire to make this fight happen, claimed that while the Jones fight is extremely interesting, he is also eyeing a fight against Stipe Miocic at heavyweight, which is probably going to end up being his next bout. Dana White splashing the cash, however, should be enough for Ngannou to put his quest for a heavyweight belt on hold in order to take on Jones.

The technical wizardy of Jones against the unmatched raw power of Ngannou would be a sight to behold, but the financial end of things could complicate matters.