Joe Thomas Putting Myles Garrett Among His Top 5 Teammates is a Joke

Former OL Joe Thomas during his time with the Browns
Former OL Joe Thomas during his time with the Browns / Jason Miller/Getty Images is currently putting together a series in which former players currently serve as NFL Network analysts assemble lists of the top five teammates they have ever played with. Former perennial Pro Bowlers like DeAngelo Hall, Steve Smith Sr. and Joe Thomas have all taken part so far, giving fans plenty of ammo for spirited offseason debate.

Thomas played his whole Hall of Fame career with the Cleveland Browns. During his 11-year run, he got to see the worst of the worst of the franchise, but he also got a chance to play with some really compelling talents. One of the five teammates on his list comes in at a shocking No. 2 overall. Warning, this guy likes hunting for heads.

Yes, Myles Garrett ranks second on Thomas’ list of top five teammates, behind center Alex Mack and ahead of tackle Mitchell Schwartz, receiver/return man Josh Cribbs, and kicker Phil Dawson.

Thomas cannot be serious, right? Well, he sure sounds like it in his explanation.

Thomas mentioned in the last sentence of his blurb about Garrett that he would not get into details of Garrett’s suspension, and that Thomas believes the pass rusher is ultimately going to be known as a good teammate. It's clear that Thomas is committed to riding for this guy, which is no small vote of confidence.

In Garrett’s defense, never specified whether these lists have to take character into account in addition to talent. The former No. 1 pick is definitely a great talent, but he is also a hothead with a quick fuse that is liable to snap at any given moment. It is understandable that there were slim pickings for Thomas to choose from, but placing Garrett as high as he did sends an unfortunate message.