VIDEO: Joe Thomas Appeared on 'Titan Games' and Looks Completely Different After Losing a Ton of Weight

Former Cleveland Browns lineman Joe Thomas
Former Cleveland Browns lineman Joe Thomas /

Like many offensive linemen after they retire, former Cleveland Browns tackle Joe Thomas shed almost 100 pounds. Furthermore, he transitioned into an analyst for NFL Network, which is fairly par for the course. What's extremely unusual, however, is how Thomas became a competitor on Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson's "Titan Games" TV series, which is probably the most strenuous physical challenge alongside American Ninja Warrior. Thomas proved that he can be just as dominant at this as he was at playing left tackle, as he took down CrossFit star Matt Chan after mounting an unreal comeback at the very end.

Thomas is used to picking up new professions and instantly mastering them. In addition to being a pretty exceptional analyst, he was named a Pro Bowler in all 10 of his pro seasons and an All-Pro every year except his rookie campaign.

With over 10,000 consecutive snaps in the NFL under his belt, CrossFit has to be a walk in the park for Thomas.

When Thomas finally gets inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame, he'll probably have an intriguing anecdote about his post-football life he can tell during his speech.