Joe Douglas Blowing it for Jets in Free Agency is the Only Thing That Will Make Eagles Fans Happy Right Now

New York Jets GM Joe Douglas
New York Jets GM Joe Douglas / Al Pereira/Getty Images

The Philadelphia Eagles and their fans might be understandably peeved that their team has yet to sign one of the big fish free agents this offseason, but at least they aren't being pushed off a cliff by Joe Douglas like the New York Jets are.

Douglas, a former Eagles executive, was hired as the Jets GM after the firing of Mike Maccagnan, and his first free agency go-around has been subpar. Rather than go for the big-ticket names, the Jets are settling for middle of the road options like former Eagles defensive end Vinny Curry.

Any Jets fans still participating in the delusion that Douglas was one of the main architects of the Eagles' Super Bowl team a few years ago should snap back to reality when they look at his less than inspiring free agency haul.

In a year where Connor McGovern and Brian Poole, both solid players but not game-changers, have been the Jets' biggest signings, Douglas will need to answer for giving former Seahawks backup offensive lineman and human turnstile George Fant a $30 million contract over three years.

This is simply unacceptable from an NFL GM in 2020.

Mike Tannenbaum had this franchise winning for a few years, but he eventually flamed out. John Idzik was an unspeakable disaster, and Maccagnan was proven to be a charlatan masquerading as a competent GM. Unless Douglas suddenly flips the switch and turns into the world's greatest negotiator, the start of his tenure as Jets GM looks like more of the same.